Cake Flavors

Classic Vanilla

Double Chocolate fudge

Red Velvet

Wedding (almond) Cake
Cookies & cream
Strawberry Bliss
Citrus Lemon 
Cinnamon roll 

Chocolate milk stout

Pink Champagne

Italian cream

Banana chocolate chip

Possible Tasty combinations

There is a small extra charge for premium flavors 

Vanilla cake + vanilla buttercream filling*

Vanilla cake + cookies & cream  filling
Vanilla cake + chocolate buttercream filling*
Vanilla cake + cream cheese filling*
Vanilla cake + fruit preserves filling*
Vanilla cake + strawberry buttercream filling*
Double Dutch Chocolate + fudge buttercream filling*

Almond cake + almond buttercream filling*
Almond cake + raspberry liquor buttercream filling*
Almond cake + raspberry preserve +almond buttercream filling*

Chocolate cake + caramel buttercream filling*
Chocolate cake + cookies & cream filling
Chocolate cake + chocolate salted buttercream*
Chocolate cake + espresso butter cream*

Chocolate cake + chocolate whipped ganache filling
Chocolate Milk Stout cake + salted caramel buttercream filling
German Chocolate cake + coconut pecan filing

Strawberry bliss cake + strawberry buttercream filling

Cinnamon roll brown sugar cake + cream cheese filling

Red Velvet cake + cream cheese filling

Lemon cake + lemon cream cheese filling*

Lemon + blueberry cake + blueberry preserve filling*

Butter cake + chocolate buttercream filling
Italian Cream cake + cream cheese filling

Pink Champagne cake + raspberry liquor filling*
White Chocolate cake + white chocolate buttercream filling*

White Chocolate cake + white chocolate whipped ganache filling

Carrot cake + cream cheese filling

Banana chocolate chip cake + chocolate buttercream filling

Amaretto cake + salted chocolate buttercream filling

* = starred items can also be made as a GLUTEN FREE alternative.

please note that all cakes for clients with allergy requirements, are made with special care and all equiptment used are specially sanatized and all precautions taken.

Flavor Choices

There are lots of scrumptious flavors to choose from, whether you desire one of the classics or something a little more special, we also specialize in creating spectacular looks iced in both butter cream and fondant


Vanilla Butter cream 
Chocolate Butter cream
Almond  Butter cream
Lemon Cream cheese
Fresh Strawberry butter cream
Cookies & cream frosting

Peanut butter frosting

Salted Caramel buttercream

Cupcakes $3.75/each (please email us to discuss specialty designs

Cake balls & pops

Cake Balls ($2.25 each) / Cake Pops, ($2.25 each or $25/dozen)




Deep Dish Cookies