They're an iconic species found in Texas, everybody would recognize one if they happened to be lucky enough to come across one and they're associated with one of our biggest local collages ....TCU.

Meet the Horn Toad!...also referred to as a horney toad, horned toad and lizard. When asked to do a horn frog cake I said "no problem, you got it!"

What's New

The Horned Variety





Would you like like him in purple? or realistic shades and colours..?  ("Color...I know, there I go again doing that British thing, sticking more U's places they shouldn't be")   

He began to take shape and actually started to rapidly come together, with every detail becoming more and more life like.

Once the eye details where cut and indented, scales were next on the docket!

Each scale was hand drawn, cut or shaped, textured like the real thing. It was really rather cool getting to be so up close to this giant lizard.

Of course once he had scales he needed spikes. 

"You cant have a horn toad without horns!"


HORNED Tadpole

ha..ha..ha.......Oh DEAR!"

And after spikes ... well he needed some legs, otherwise what do you have if he's without his legs?!...A horned tadpole! "Laughter, turns into Nervous laughter

He just needs a few legs, that's all he needs right?!....Wrong! now you just have Awkward tadpole!!!

But adding those last two legs made all the difference, he was complete. So now we get on to the fun part... colouring! With my trusty airbrush, some liquid food colouring a few quick psssh! psssh! He's  done.

I went through literally the entire life cycle of a frog with this cake, from tadpole to fully fledged adulthood!