Want a break from the norm this season, bring your friends and family to our spellbinding party. You'll enjoy a selection of miniature cakes, sandwiches and of course The Sorcerer’s Scones’ – and you should most definitely get dressed for the occasion (which means cloaks and wands, people) Guests can also enjoy the much loved butter beer and of course tea. Children can enjoy a few keep sakes that come with each meal, to have fun with through out the experience.

Guests can enjoy even more of a magical ambience with several NEW decorations created for this occasion in our quaint British shop, with floating candles, postal delivery owls, a photo area created for you joy and memories and definitely a life size flying Dementor and much more. Since we are going full out we encourage you to enjoy the experience with us, YES dressing up is encouraged and we can’t wait to see all you Harry Potter fanatics.

As you know high tea is a rare and much desired event here at The London Baker and we expect this special themed affair to be no exception. We encourage you to book as soon as possible.

⭐️DATES for this event are as follows

December the 21st Friday evening 6.00pm - ADULTS ONLY                                                      (BYOB) 

December the 22nd Saturday afternoon 12.00pm - for all (adults and children)

$34 adults $26 for children under 12


 Our last Magical High Tea was such a success with so many people asking us, when will we be having another one?

Well you may have heard the rumors about us working on our next special seasonal tea.

Here at The London Baker we are excited to bring you a Christmas at Hogwarts!!

TO ALL VIP'S - Being apart of our special VIP group, means you don't have to keep searching on our Facebook page continuously checking for new posts on when we will be having another event. instead you get notifications straight to your cell phone and the opportunity to book first, 1 - 2 days before any one else even knows about it. This may not seem like a big deal to some but when our High Tea's typically book 24 - 48 hours after announcing them, one day can make all the difference.

(All seats must be confirmed with a deposit in order for it to be saved, if we do not receive your deposit then your seats may be released and given to someone else.) Cancelations - All deposits will be lost for all Cancelations made within 24 hours of your event in which you are booked for.