We are devoted to providing you the very best in cake artistry from those perfect details that really make your cake truly stunning and not even look like a cake, to the unbelievably delicious taste that you find inside.
"Yes those amazing cakes you see on TV, really can taste as Good as they look"
People come to us for that exact reason because they get both sides of the coin that truly matter when ordering a custom cake.

We pride ourselves on brining you scrumptious treats that are far from ordinary, we know you don't like ordinary and neither do we!
Which is why we go the extra mile to make your treats extra special. From our true European style, freshly baked croissants, made with real French butter, to Oooey Gooey double chocolate chip brownies, made with real melted chocolate. Even our cookies are anything but normal with
Deep dish chocolate chip and browned butter Nutella stuffed cookies on the menu daily

This little Brit! considers herself very lucky to be adopted by the BIG State. Moving here over 9 years ago from England, I consider Texas not only a phenomenal place but also home, here the people make it all just that much more special.

Like a lot of budding cake decorators my interests were perked early, from play time; baking cupcakes with friends to mothers day cakes, gifted for Mum.   

Speaking of mum, before she knew it, this cheeky little monkey had graduated college, completed an additional business course & started her very own small business.

I was always gifted in art and excelled in of all things....

 Artsy fartsy!     


With my schooling, in fine art and graphic design, I found that my new medium in which I loved to create, help rapidly grow those once basic cakes, into more complex 3 - dimensional scrumdiddlyumptious works of art!...


My own personal goal and ambition is to share my talent with as many people as possible wanting and seeking a truly magnificent experience and center pieces to share with their friends and family. Providing this quality in all that we make from smashing small treats, to large edible feats, which is why we are bringing so many smiles to celebrations all around Texas.

...And now you can find my work in wedding magazines, on Youtube and even on your TV.