We have a nerdy but professional work environment, where our goal is to provide excellent custom service, we are looking for responsible and positive new members to join our team. If you are interested please send us an email of you resume and why you think you would be a good fit and asset to the business  @thelondonbakertx@gmail.com

Dish & Sanitization Portor Full Time & Part TIME

Part time (is one- two week days, and a Saturday & Sunday shift )

Tasks & Duties

Clearing of tables up front

Washing dishes/cups/ flatware /equipment

Emptying the dry rack

Putting away clean dishes and equipment

Maintain a clean store front

Barista Full Time & Part TIME

or part time (is one week day shift, a Saturday & Sunday shift )

Tasks & Duties

Creating skillfully crafted coffee and Tea beverages

Hand making syrups for our beverages

restocking front items

providing excellent customer service

Maintain a clean store front

Answering phones and taking orders

Full Time Bakers/ PART TIME ( must work weekends)

Full time bakers are required as part of their hours to include at least 1 weekend shift.

bakers tasks and duties include

Tasks and Duties

Baking and preparing cakes, cupcakes, cookies, scones, croissants, macarons, brownies and bars, along with some breakfast items during breakfast hours, icings and fillings etc

Prepare orders throughout the day to meet guest expectations.

Assist and help answer the phones

Prepare glazes, fillings topping etc

Bring a passionate, enthusiastic and can maintain a positive attitude

keep a clean station and maintain baking equipment, utensils, and tools

Help Customers and prepare tasting boxes

Currently not hiring

Weekend Front of House staff

Helping customers

serving hot and cold beverages

plating and boxing items

answering phones

taking orders

Marinating a clean store front

Full time Cakes decorators/CURRENTLY NOT Hiring

or part time (is Fridays & Saturdays, Sunday is deliveries only)

are a huge part of our team here, and we love for our team members to be positive, energetic to each other and our clientele.

decorators typically work 4 days a week and just do the odd delivery or two on the weekends. Tuesday - Friday

Tasks and Duties

Preparing cakes, splitting, filling, crumb coating, final icing

If skilled enough, Wedding cake deliveries, earning Extra bonus money

Prepare orders throughout the day to meet guest expectations.

Assist guests throughout the day, and take custom orders

Clean and maintain baking equipment, utensils, and tools

With experience Wedding consults

Make Buttercream

Help Customers, Design and Pricing and more