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Chocolate Butter cream
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Lemon Cream cheese
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Cake Flavors

Wedding Cake

A moist and fluffy almond cake paired with an almond butter cream filling.

*This is one of our top sellers

Strawberry Bliss
A fresh strawberry cake with real bits of strawberries mixed into the batter and paired with our fresh strawberry buttercream filling, with yet more strawberries blended into the buttercream. *This is one of our top sellers

Classic Vanilla

A fluffy and moist vanilla cake filled with our Madagascar vanilla butter cream


A fluffy and moist vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles mixed and baked into the cake batter, filled with our Madagascar vanilla butter cream.

Double Chocolate fudge

Our delicious light chocolate cake, paired with our chocolate fudge butter cream filling.

Red Velvet
Classic red velvet cake filled with our signature cream cheese frosting 

Cookies & cream

A vanilla based cake with crushed up cookie crumbs sprinkled into the batter before baking and paired with a cookies n cream filling, made up of our Madagascar vanilla butter cream with even more cookie crumbs mixed into it. 

 Citrus Lemon

A lemon cake that's light in flavor and paired with a lemon cream cheese frosting filling.

Lemon blueberry 

A  light lemon cake with wild blueberry mixed in and paired with a layer of blueberry preserve and lemon cream cheese filling.

Cinnamon roll 

A vanilla based cake with cinnamon and brown sugar swirled into the batter and paired with our signature cream cheese frosting filling, and topped with more brown sugar and cinnamon sprinkled.

Chocolate milk stout

A chocolate, milk stout beer cake, that has darker, deeper notes paired with a salted caramel butter cream filling. less sweet than our traditional double chocolate cake.

Pink Champagne

A very fluffy light cake with a subtle hint of champagne that are enjoyed at the end, and paired with a sweet raspberry liquor flavored butter cream filling.


A lightly almond flavored cake infused with an almond liquor and paired with a salted almond chocolate butter cream filling.

Vanilla Whiskey

A vanilla based cake infused with whiskey and filled with a honey whiskey buttercream.

a subtle sweet cake with notes of whiskey that become stronger.

Italian cream

A yellow based cake with chopped pecans and coconut mixed into the batter and paired with a cream cheese filling.

Banana chocolate chip

A delicious banana cake made with real bananas, and added chocolate chips folded into the batter and filled with our chocolate fudge buttercream.

Chocolate chip cookie dough

Our delicious chocolate cake with chocolate chips baked into it and filled with a cookie dough filling and topped with mini chocolate chips. 

*New Improved Coconut Velvet

Our white coconut cake infused with coconut cream and filled with a shredded coconut butter cream. 

Peanut butter chocolate

A delicious moist chocolate cake that's light and fluffy and filled with a peanut butter cream cheese filling.