Frequently Asked Questions

All custom cake requests and orders are done through our new larger location, at THE REALM. located 4440 Tx- 121, #60 Lewisville 75056. The Castle Hills location remains our neighborhood stop for walkin purchases and orders of baked goods and small items such as cupcakes. 


The best way is to fill out the online request form (please include your name, contact number, date the cake is for, the number of servings needed and any pictures of the design chosen or for reference.) We will review your submission and get back to you as quickly as possible.

All emails are answered in the order they are received. Please know that if it is the end of the work week, a Friday or weekend, our decorators may not be available, in store or on site and may need longer to get back with you.

As our priorities are 100% our clients orders and it is important to us that they receive the proper time and attention they deserve and need. We may not be available to be taken away, in order to give the necessary time needed to design and price out a NEW cake order. So we may need your patience, as we get back to you at the beginning of the week.

- WHAT'S NEXT? We reach out to you with a drawn PROOF of your design, regardless of any pictures sent by you for the general inquiry process, the copy of the contract acts as a design proof, showing both you and the decorating team, the agreed way on how the cake is to look and the details of the cake. By putting down any deposit on the cake, you are approving the proof and agreeing that you would like to proceed. The sketch is a proof, even if it differs from original pictures you sent in earlier. Designs may have been modified for time or budgetary reasons, these changes would be reflected in the proof that we email over to you first, inorder for you to see them, for your approval. Once you have the design that you want, a deposit is required in order to book and save the date of your cake, once again the placing of a deposit acts as an agreement that you approve the proof sent. Saying at the time of pick up, that you wanted or imagined an item would be different than the agreed version in the proof, is not an acceptable means for last minute changes or discrepancies. 


Yes, We do require a non-refundable 50% (a half) down deposit to book your order or a $200 minimum for all wedding and grooms cake related bookings.

After we have finalized the details of your event and cake and you would like to book your cake, we would require a non-refundable deposit to secure your date. The remaining balance must be paid by the day the cake is due or the day before if your order is being delivered. (this excludes all wedding cakes and wedding related orders, see wedding cake terms and conditions on the wedding contract)

All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE, meaning you can NOT cancel one order and then change it for another new one. (For COVID 19 Reschedules this does not apply, call us for questions concerning this Topic) 

*Please understand that when you book an order, we decline other orders in order to take yours. If you cancel, that could result in thousands of dollars lost, just to accommodate your order. Policies pertaining to Wedding cake cancelations: Wedding cake deposits are a standard $200, these are non refundable and will be lost should the wedding be cancelled. If the remaining balance has already been paid prior to the wedding being cancelled then you are entitled to a store credit of the remaining balance. These can be used for a wide variety of different items, such as High Tea events, celebration cakes, Cookies, pastries, scones, hot or cold drinks, Cream teas, and also holiday seasonal items.


Signature Cakes

We require 48 hours notice please, for all Signature Cake Orders but this is whilst we still have availability to take them.

if the cakes are not shown on the store site, this means we are fully booked and no more cake orders are available.



For terms and conditions and to order one, see our online store  Our Online Store

Custom Cake: We recommend placing an order as soon as you have the date set. Even though a 2 - 8 week is the minimum suggested, it is NOT A GUARENTEE OF AVAILABILITY, as orders are first come first served. Since we usually book up weeks in advance, we encourage everyone to place their orders as soon as possible. For cakes in a hurry, we do have our Signature cake store


Due to the number of donation requests we receive, we ask that all requests be submitted to us via email. please include a letter explaining what charity you represent, what the order will be used for, and the non-profit tax ID number associated with the charity. Please understand that  we do have a maximum that we can fulfill and try to help where we can.

Absolutely! we love brining smiles to others and being apart of the community! I work with various foundations, homes and even Icing Smiles to help bring a little sweetness into others lives.

Deposits Booking and Cancellations


Prices do vary depending on the size, detail, intricacy & complexity of your design. Our cake and prices are determined on a cake by cake basis and really depend on the size, complexity and quantity of work involved. But we do have an online shop where you can book and purchase set designed cakes, each has is own price and is shown upon making your selection. 


YES, we pride ourselves on how good our cakes look and taste. Just read some of our reviews. All our recipes are tried and tested again and again, until we are happy that we've found that right taste and texture that has you saying Ooooo Mmmm!


Yes, all cakes created for clients with allergies are made with utmost care and all equipment used are specially sanitized and all precautions taken when making and storing these cakes.

But since we do have gluten on the premises we are technically not allowed to say that they are 100% gluten free, as it is stored on site.


HOW TO CUT YOUR CAKE  click here to see the guide


Yes, delivery is a minimum of $45. The price of delivery is based on the day and mileage to your event and the time to complete, if there are multiple items.

Unfortunately, we do NOT ship our cakes.



Absolutely! We love getting to sit down with couples and hear some of the fantastic ideas and details, that they have dreamed up together. But we also really want to get to know you, because only in this way we can truly take those creative notes and run with them to create a one of a kind, successful, bespoke wedding cake that is both beautiful and true to you.

We have over 30 years experience in bespoke Cake Artistry and are at the forefront of cutting edge techniques. Through talking to many couples and families during consultations, we have often found that we have a unique perspective and skill set that enables us to create things that others can not. In some cases we have even come up with a new and more modern approach to executing an idea, a couple has had, opening up more avenues for them to explore.

We also love to make recreations as well, you don't have to create something new, if you have already found your perfect dream cake in a magazine or on Pinterest, then bring those right along with you to your consult.

Clients often ask us if we do "SHEET CAKES" and fake tiers? the answer is YES! in fact 90% of Custom cakes now days, have at least one if not multiple fake tiers in them. During a consultation we will go over the pros and cons to Faux/Fake tiers with you and whether your design would benefit from this option.

Why is it so popular that people choose to have a mix of real and faux tiers? There are several benefits such as it can be a more cost effective option, it allows you to have all the grandeur of a large cake with lower costs, without having to feed hundreds of people or having to throw away mases of extra cake. Even if you do have a very large guest count and do need to feed hundreds, it can still be the more cost effective way for you to go, with sheet or side cakes to feed your guests.

The one thing that you should know about us is that we are not about pushing you to spend more money and go for the more expensive option, If we can achieve the same look and goals then we will. Many of my clients have heard me say it during their wedding consultations and they know that "We understand that weddings are expensive and cost a lot of money, we're not about encouraging them to spend money on extra cake servings and fondant if it's JUST NOT NEEDED, that's money that can go towards something else! "

Do you do any butter cream cakes or are they all fondant? YES, We do a lot of butter cream cakes, in fact many of the cakes in our Gallery and on our social media pages are in fact butter cream iced, but they are so smooth that most people think that they are covered in fondant. If you are wanting to keep costs down, then choosing a cake design with Buttercream frosting on the outside, is definitely the way to go.

Where to set up my cake? Location of your cake is Important, cakes  should not be set beside speakers, heat lamps, fans, Windows (on sunny/warm/hot days) or other conditions that are not optimal to cakes and buttercream icing. 


1. We send all our clients a drawn PROOF of a design on a contract, this drawing acts as a design proof, showing both you and the decorating team, the agreed way on how the cake is to look and the details of the cake, i.e. flavor, size, theme, colors. By putting down a deposit on the cake, you are approving the proof and agreeing that you would like to proceed.

Design proofs may end up in the final stages, differing from original pictures/ideas/ concepts that you may have had or sent in before, during earlier forms of communication. Sometimes designs may need to be modified or tweaked, for time or budgetary reasons, these changes would be reflected in the proof that we email over to you first, in order for you to see them for your approval. Once you have the design that you like, a deposit is required in order to book and save the date of your cake, once again the placing of a deposit acts as an agreement between you/your party and the business 'The London Baker', that you approve the proof sent.

Saying at the time of pick up that you wanted or imagined an item would be different than the agreed version in the proof, is not an acceptable means for last minute changes or discrepancies.

2.Please make sure you are ready to book and are confirmed on the event before putting any deposits down, a non-refundable deposit is due upon order placement/booking to complete and book the order. This books your cake and is used to cover any materials, ingredients and or special items, pre ordered or pre purchased for the order and or any time spent on the order thus far. Whether that's in the way of non-perishable sugar decor, wafer paper flowers etc or time spent in other ways e.g. graphic design & edible image editing.

3. Balances are due on the day of your event, either at the time of pickup or prior. Unless it is a wedding order or an order that is being delivered).

4.If you have paid in full and choose to cancel your order less than 3 days before (your non wedding event) then although the 50% deposit may be forfeited, you are entitled to a store credit for the remaining 50% paid.

5. Changes in any way regarding orders, should be made prior to putting the booking deposit down. Any changes requested after this date cannot necessarily be guaranteed but we will always do our best to accommodate any changes where possible. most of the time these are easily done but Some changes may be subject to additional charges, like increased size etc.

6. We are not responsible for any damage to the cake after it has left our shop and is in your care or in the care of a third party, picking up on your behalf. You are responsible for providing an appropriate and secure LEVEL area to transport the cake/s and at the event. Cakes are heavy and require a sturdy LEVEL table, and optimal room temperature of 68 degrees or below.

7.If you or your representative elects to pick up and or set up a cake, please know that you assume all liability and responsibility for the condition of the cake once it leaves The London Baker premises . We highly recommend an SUV for larger and taller tiered cake pick ups. If you pick up in a car, the seat needs to be level or if it fits, placed on the floor boards. Not to worry we do have pick up instructions with details on this and we're happy to help too. A small towel or blanket bought from home, does work extremely well for leveling out a cake box for driving. IF you are storing overnight refrigeration is a MUST. Also make sure that your cake is going into a vehicle that is already cold, parking and leaving the engine off even for 5 minutes in Texas is too long, your car will become hot and long after you have left with the cake, your ac will still be trying to cool your cars inside temperature down.  

8.Cake stands are used at your own risk. Please make sure they can with stand the weight of your cake. Cakes are very heavy and require a properly constructed stand. many cheaper metal pedestal stands are made to look pretty and can only hold the weight of cupcakes and or a small cake or dessert.

9. If you or your representative elects to use a non-licensed professional or have Friends/Family cut your cake, you assume all liability for the cake. Cakes are to be dis assembled carefully prior to cutting. Please do not cut while stacked. if you would like to know how to professionally cut your cake we have put together a great link on our website to provide you with charts and even a video, to help you get neat clean professional slices like a Pro and the proper number of servings. Click Here

10. Please keep in mind in our many many years of experience we have seen what happens when cakes are not transported correctly, i.e. on tilted car seats, left in a car too long while someone runs errands or have been dropped, not kept in cold enough conditions. We want everyone to have a successful event, which is why we have detailed instructions and diagrams on how to best take care of your cake before you receive your order. These details are found on the pick up counter, our website and printed on large custom stickers that go on the cake boxes. We even go the extra mile to help you out to your car if needed. Refunds are not given out due to the handling and storage of the cake after it has left our shop. If you accidentally damage your cake and bring it back, there is a good chance that we might be able to fix it, if time and schedule permits.

11.We always try our very best to match any design or color swatches provided, whether physical or digital but we can never guarantee an exact match as all our colours/cakes are hand made and are not factory produced. Also colors vary depending on lighting and differ in brightness and hue from screen to screen on which they are viewed on.

By placing a deposit you are agreeing at that time, to the above description of our policies, this will become a contracted agreement between you/your party and the business The London Baker and will serve as our binding contract. You are more than welcome to print and return this agreement signed if you choose to. But a verbal agreement/ us signing on your behalf will work just fine. Please make sure you keep a copy for your records as we do.

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